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About the Writer

Hi, I’m Lizz.

I am above all things a lover of stories.  Always have been.  I have been gaming since I was ten, one magical Christmas when my cousin introduced my sisters and I to Dungeons and Dragons.  Currently, I help run a gaming convention which is in its second year.  I have been writing since I was eight.  I have (on a floppy disk lost somewhere in my house) two 30-page epic fantasy novellas that I wrote when I was twelve.  I’m sure if I read it now it would be terrible, but everyone has to start somewhere and I wanted to be Tolkein, or maybe Ursala LeGuin.  I’ve also written countless poems and short stories, and started but never finished three novels.  I never finish anything.  But the stories are in my head, whether I finish them or not.


Comments on: "About the Writer" (2)

  1. Rich Schelp said:

    Hi, Lizz,

    I am glad I found your blog because I wanted to thank you again for running the Shadowsfall module for my family at Free RPG Day at PlanetComics. Everyone had a great time. If it weren’t for hunger creeping in, the children definitely would have been up for more gaming. You did a great job! Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a few ideas from you for when I run games at home.

    Thanks again!

    • Wow! How cool to hear from you. I had a great time, too. Your family is awesome. If you ever want to game with us again, check out the calendar on the SCARAB website to see where we’ll be. (We’re also on Facebook).

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