Ramblings of a Girl Gamer

We had a very creative group of kids at SCARAB Gaming Convention this year. Here are some of the stories they wrote while playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. If you are not familiar with this game, the premise is that a group of teenagers (who can fly and have various powers) travel around a world of small, floating “planets” on a pilgrimage to help people and try not to get into to much trouble in the process. Each pilgrim character has a two-part name that tells how they help people an how they get into trouble. The players take turns writing sentences to create a story.   Here are some of their creations.

Swallowed Whole

The pilgrims answer a letter from a little girl whose tiny planet (just big enough for her, her house, two trees, and her cat) have been swallowed by a whale.

The Pilgrims arrive at Melanie’s planet. Pilgrim Jumping Earth (who helps people by moving rocks by magic and gets in trouble by jumping off of things) traps the whale between two other planets. As he is trapping the whale, he sees a nearby cliff and wants to jump off it. Pilgrim Loud Face (who gets into trouble by being loud and helps people by having facial expressions that can do anything) tries to sneak up on the whale, but trips over a tree root, emitting a loud scream. She falls into the whale’s blow hole, and finds Melanie. Pilgrim Smart Mimic Octopus (who gets in trouble by knowing too many random facts and helps people by changing her body to blend in) jumps into the blowhole after Pilgrim Loud Face and sees Melanie’s planet. As she is getting up she says, “penguins eat fish,” which has nothing to do with anything. Pilgrim Curious Animal (who gets in trouble by being too curious and helps people by contacting animals) contacts the whale and asks it to open its mouth so the planet can float out. But then Pilgrim Curious Animal hears Melanie’s cat make a weird sound and goes looking for it.

Meanwhile Pilgrim Jumping Earth jumps off the cliff, then flies down to the whale. But he sees the roof of Melanie’s house and feels the urge to jump off it. Pilgrim Loud Face goes over to Pilgrim Smart Mimic Octopus, where she is standing next to Melanie, and makes a weird face to make her shut up. Melanie is offended by her face and throws the plate of cookies at her. Pilgrim Smart Mimic Octopus goes over to Loud Face and eats all the cookies. Pilgrim Curious Animal stops chasing the cat and jumps up and down, cheering “cookies!” Pilgrim Jumping Earth jumps off the house, and makes the cliff crumble and collapse. As Pilgrim Smart Octopus eats all of her cookies, Pilgrim Loud Face makes a sad expressive face.

The End, and on to the Next Story!


A Matter of Roses

The Pilgrims answer a letter from the Three of Spades, who has accidentally planted white roses instead of red roses in the Queen of Hearts’ garden.

As the Pilgrims arrive at the palace, Pilgrim Loud Candy (who gets in trouble by being loud and helps people by giving them candy that can change their moods) introduces herself to the Three of Spades. As Pilgrim Smart Gerbil (who gets in trouble by knowing too many random facts and helps people by making vicious squeaking noises) is looking at the roses, she shouts “Her Majesty ordered the wrong roses for her tea and croquet party!” Using his mind, Pilgrim Jumping Mind (who gets in trouble by jumping off things and helps people by moving objects with his mind) unplants all the white roses. But then he realizes he doesn’t have the right seeds for the red roses.

Pilgrim Loud Candy shouts at Smart Gerbil, “Shut up, you fool, everyone in the garden can hear you!” As she realizes what she has done, she hands Smart Gerbil a candy to forgive her. Smart Gerbil realizes what she has done and says, “Um, I mean, Her Majesty’s red rose border sure looks wonderful, and and it is definitely red.” But what she really said was “your ruined red rose border looks wonderful.” Pilgrim Jumping Mind asks if anyone has any red paint. The Three of Spades hands him the red paint, but he jumps off the can and spills it.

Pilgrim Loud Candy shouts at Pilgrim Smart Gerbil, “Don’t say the roses are ruined; The Queen is not supposed to know!” She was going to say that, but decided to eat some feel good candy instead. Smart Gerbil says, “Not ruined in a bad way, I mean, so ruined they are beautiful, I mean . . . . “ she continues to babble for a minute, “ . . . . you know, like Lady Gaga.” Then loudly she says to the Three of Spades, Her Majesty might want you to bury those seeds soon. When Pilgrim Jumping Mind spilled the paint on the seeds, it killed the seeds.

Pilgrim Loud Candy shouts “Look what time it is! The sun is setting in the garden.” But she realizes the queen might come out if she hears about the sun and says, “is that a rain cloud? Her majesty might not want to come out after all.” Pilgrim Smart Gerbil says “we don’t need to plant these seeds; I know the art of paper mache.” As she is planting paper mache roses, she sees that the garden is too wet and they don’t look like roses, they look like blobs of paper. Pilgrim Jumping Mind lowers the floating roses and gently rolls them in the paint. But one of the floating rose bushes crashes into the palace.

As the bush crashes through the window, Pilgrim Loud Candy shouts, “Oh my gosh! Her Majesty’s roses are flying now!” But then she shouts “It’s a good thing Your High and Mighty Monkness is hear to get those roses under control.” Pilgrim Smart Gerbil says “No, the roses aren’t flying, they’re simply divine!” Pilgrim Jumping Mind says it looks like Her Majesty’s party will be ruined because of the rain.” But then everyone hears the sound of rose birds that would not be out in a rain storm.

Pilgrim Loud Candy says, “It’s a good thing that Your High and Mighty Monkness is here,” and puts the rose bushes back in the ground. Pilgrim Smart Gerbil says, “If only the roses hadn’t ruined that window.” Pilgrim Jumping Mind throws the roses that broke the window out of the parlor and blames the mess on a servant testing a flamingo croquet mallet. Pilgrim Loud Candy realizes the window is broken and gives the cards and encouraging candy and encourages them to fix the window. Pilgrim Smart Gerbil says “It’s great that they’ve decided to make croquet balls out of roses, but I think they should discontinue it because roses go everywhere when they hit the ball.

The End, and on to the Next Story!


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