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All of the kids stories would not fit in one post, so here are the rest.

I R Help

The Pilgrims answer a letter from a goblin and an orc, whose dungeon has been raided by a party of adventurers: a dwarf and an elf. They must get back the copper pieces and the magic stick that keeps the troll away.

As the Pilgrims arrive at the dungeon, Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter (who gets in trouble by jumping off things and helps people by changing into a useful animal) is flying along and he sees popper pieces and picks them up. Pilgrim Smart Potbellied Pig (who gets in trouble by knowing too many facts and helps people by being really cute) sees Sil the Goblin and Grob the Orc. Pilgrim Blind Tongue (who gets in trouble by bumping into things and helps by seeing, smelling, and sensing things with her tongue) goes down there and tries to smell out more copper pieces. She runs straight into Grob the Orc. Pilgrim Drawing Cleaner (who helps people by cleaning things and gets in trouble by drawing on things) looks into another room and sees the Dwarf and the Elf, who are still here. She doodles on their walls as she stares at the Elf. Pilgrim Curious Company (who gets in trouble by being curious and helps people by being friendly) walks over to Pilgrim Drawing Cleaner and ushers her away from the Dwarf. Pilgrim Curious Company says “I wonder what that magic stick does?”

As Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter is picking up copper pieces, he hears the grunting of a hungry troll. Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter turns into a gorilla and smacks the heck out of the troll’s face. Pilgrm Smart Potbellied Pig says “Did you know that over 20% of Orc deaths are caused by Elves?” Pilgrim Blind Tongue tells the Orc that she didn’t see him because she was distracted by all the copper pieces. Grob the Orc says “Get away! Those copper pieces are traps set by the Dwarf and the Elf!” Pilgrim Curious Company walks over to the Dwarf, grabs the magic stick, and turns him into a frog. She sees the Dwarf’s hammer, and says, “Ooh, isn’t it shiny! I wonder what is so off-putting about it?” Pilgrim Drawing Cleaner stands in front of Sil the Goblin ready to spray the Dwarf and Elf with cleaner to keep them away. But Sil doesn’t know what cleaner is, and thinks it is dangerous, and says “Me no want die!”

As Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter is fighting, the Chief of the trolls comes out from behind the other troll and says, “What are you doing to my precious son?” Meanwhile, Pilgrim Smart Potbellied Pig clamps her hand over her mouth and says, “Um, the number of elves not killing orcs has increased dramatically since 1962.” Grob the Orc gets up and walks away from Pilgrim Smart Potbellied Pig. Just as a cage is about to fall on Pilgrim Blind Tongue, she sees it and jumps out of the way. Pilgrim Drawing Cleaner sprays cleaner on the floor and makes the Elf slip, and Sil the Goblin laughs. Pilgrim Curious Company was about to pick up the hammer when a gorilla (Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter) comes running in with the angry troll chief after him. Pilgrim Smart Potbellied Pig realizes she is all alone, hears the sound of danger, and runs back in to help her friends. But she runs into Grob the Orc and he is still mad at her.

As Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter runs into the room the troll chief breaks down the door screaming “What have you done to my son? You made him scrape his knee!” Pilgrim Blind Tongue detects the last of the copper pieces on the floor and picks them up before the troll steps on them. The Elf gets up and runs away, and Sil thanks Pilgrim Drawing Cleaner. Pilgrim Curious Company gives the hammer to the trolls as a peace offering and gives the magic stick back to the goblin and says, “It’s time to go home for dinner.” Pilgrim Jumping Shapeshifter turns back into a person and flies back to the temple. Pilgrim Smart Potbellied Pig finds Grob the Orc and apologizes and they become friends. Pilgrim Blind Tongue gives all the copper pieces back to Sil the Goblin and Grob the Orc.

The End, and on to the Next Story!

Worlds Collide

The pilgrims answer a letter explaining how Juku, the desert planet, is going to crash into Ishita, the water planet, because of a third planet, Rova, that has invaded their orbits. The letter writer is Yotta, assistant to the Great Sages of Juku. (The Great Sages, incidentally, will not help because they feel it is nature’s will that the planets collide.)

In case you are confused (I think we were all confused by the end of this one), they did win this game and get the good ending.

Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig (who gets in trouble by using very long words and helps people by being really cute) is going to the Great Sages of Juku. But as she walks over to the Great Sages of Juku, she gets so nervous that she says “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” (which means the fear of long words!), making them utterly confused. Pilgrim Opinionated Tongue (who gets in trouble by voicing her opinion and helps people by sensing with her tongue) walks up to Yotta to get more information about what is happening. She voices her opinion that it is the will of nature, and it would be easier if they just let the planets collide. Pilgrim Sparkly Candy (who gets in trouble by standing out because she sparkles and helps people by giving them candy for different emotions) walks up to Yotta and gives him a candy to make him want to leave the planet and to get everyone else to leave so they don’t get killed. Yotta seems offput that she is glittering,and pulls out a scroll and yells “the Messiah, the Messiah!” Pilgrim Angry Mind (who gets in trouble by losing her temper and helps people by using telekinesis) says “Rova just exploded, so the water planet will not flood the desert planet, and the Phloerals (the people of the water planet) will be safe. But the Phloerals don’t understand,and start making fun of her, and she punches them in the face.

Meanwhile, Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig, talking to the sages, stutters, and says “I meant to say there’s a hippo out there, and I am afraid of it (and there really is a hippo!). Just then, a flood of frogs from Ishita washes away the hippopotamus, making her seem like a liar. Pilgrim Opinionated Tongue says to Yotta, “I meant to say it is the will of nature that the planets will not collide. But the orbits of Juku and Ishita will be messed up because of Rova exploding. Yotta says to Pilgrim Shiny Candy, “you are the Messiah who will bring gravity to our lives. All hail the Messiah!” and they all bow down to her. Meanwhile after Pilgrim Angry Mind punches someone, the Phloerals start to believe her, thinking no one would get that angry about something that wasn’t true. A little Phloeral girl says, “the Messiah of the Water Planet!” and they all bow down, but this makes her mad.

Because the Sages think Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig is lying, they think she is from the water planet, come to kill the Sages, and they take her prisoner. Pilgrim Opinionated Tongue says, “even though the orbits will be messed up for a few years, you will probably have better farmland for a while.” Pilgrim Shiny Candy says, “people of Ishita, I bring a message from the Messiah. She says the shift in gravity has been brought back to normal and you do not have to worry.” While the Ploerals are bowing down, Pilgrim Angry Mind says, “I am not your Messiah, I am a regular person just like you, and the planet that was going to make the other planet crash into you has exploded.”

Meanwhile, Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig gets taken to a jail cell to be interrogated and they ask her “why did you come from the Water Planet to kill the Sages?” At the same time, Pilgrim Opinionated Tongue says to Yotta, “even though there will be better farmland, every three minutes there will be a deluge.” The people pick Pilgrim Shiny Candy up while chanting “sacrifice her to the Desert Planet!” Pilgrim Angry Mind says, “Shiny Candy is the Messiah from Ishita, and you cannot sacrifice her or the planets will crash together. The people say “only a prophet would know that – you must be the prophet of Ishita.”

Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig says to her interrogators, “you’ve got it all wrong; I am not a spy, I am a Pilgrim. See, here is my passport.” The sages say, “no, she is not a Pilgrim; she is from the Water Planet!” Pilgrim Opinionated Tongue looks around at all the crazy people and just flies off, grabbing Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig. Pilgrim Shiny Candy sees that Pilgrim Angry Mind is having trouble, grabs her, and flies away too. As they are flying away, Angry Mind says “see ya, suckers!” Pilgrim Sesquipedalian Potbellied Pig holds a conference between the two planets, and they agree to join together to form a super-planet.

The End, Until the Next Pilgrimage.


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